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Hear from Kalina ...

Kalina Casadiego (20) is now in her third year at Charles University, Third Faculty of Medicine. Read about Kalina's experiences and what it is like to study medicine in Prague. 

What is it like to study medicine at the 3rd faculty?

I really enjoy studying at the 3rd faculty! The syllabus is structured in a way that gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in each subject while they learn it, instead of revisiting the subject several times with less specialization at a time. I feel like that this structure gives me the opportunity to investigate and understand the subject better without feeling like I am wasting time exploring details! The faculty is located a short trip outside the city center (20min by public transport) in the cozy neighborhood of Prague 10. Here you will find many good lunch opportunities, and in the school building itself you have good reading areas to choose from if you do not want to read at home! The fact that you study outside the city center also separates business and pleasure, which I think is healthy for the psyche !!


What is it like to live in a European city like Prague?

Prague is a city that never ceases to offer itself. If you want to go for a walk in nature or relax on a roof terrace somewhere, there is always the opportunity. With cheap prices and a wide range of activities, I would say that living in Prague is what you make it! If you have a good group of friends, it is easy to live well in this dream of a city. Countless restaurants and cafes, as well as beautiful architecture definitely help too;)


How is the student community in Prague?

When I started, I was amazed at how friendly and helpful all the students were, even across students on different years and nationalities. The truth is that when you have so many international students together, the environment will automatically become more open and provide the opportunity for many exciting friendships. The students at LF3 are an ambitious and inspiring group who know how to have fun. With organizations such as ANSA Prague / Czech Republic and Trimed, there are always fun events going on. Here you can get to know new people and experience a lot of different things! An international environment like the one you find here will also give you the opportunity to get to know countless cultures and learn to see the world with a new perspective, which I think is incredibly valuable


How is the teaching at the Third Faculty of Medicine?

As mentioned earlier, I am incredibly happy with how the curriculum is set up. Such a structure gives me the freedom to explore the subjects / topics deeper on my own without feeling that I have too little time! Teachers also often come up with relevant clinical examples and interesting links between different topics, which helps in understanding. In addition, I think it's cool that teachers prioritize students' mental health by reminding us that it is necessary to take breaks from studying to meet friends or practice some self-care. This makes your days more varied and will in the long run increase your endurance for studying and help you get through the medicine study with your psyche intact;). It is also possible for students who want professional help in dealing with stress in everyday life (or otherwise)! This shows that LF3 takes care of its students, as well as de-stigmatizes professional help for mental health (incredibly tough!).


Why should one choose Prague over other cities in Eastern Europe to study medicine?

Prague is located in the heart of Europe, which means that nothing is too far away. A quick weekend trip to different big cities (Vien, Berlin, Budapest etc.) is always an option! Prague is also one of the best maintained cities in Europe, something that can be seen in the beautiful, historic architecture. Especially in the center you will find unique buildings and it really feels like you are in an adventure! In the city, as I said, you also have endless opportunities to invent something fun. Something Prague is especially known for are the many beautiful parks you can sit and enjoy with friends in. All in all, I would say Prague delivers with a cozy environment and beautiful surroundings that are difficult to find elsewhere.


How do you like to spend your free time?

In my free time I enjoy exploring Prague and trying out different activities. I had a lot of fun when we tested paintball and  trips to different lakes in the summer is a must. I think it's incredibly cool that you have so many different possibilities the same city! Hanging out with friends is also a big favourite whether it is a quiet movie night or a trip to one of Prague's many night clubs!

Finally, what is your best tip for new students who want / are going to study medicine in Prague?

We have probably all heard the rumors that the study of medicine is one of the most difficult things to study nowadays, I think it is wrong when people get hung up on such claims. The truth is that it can be a little tough at times, but the study of medicine is not just long, sleepless nights with only noodles to eat, the study of medicine is what you make it! If you are disciplined and work regularly with the material, you get more than enough time to hang out with friends, take care of your own health and explore different hobbies and activities in your favourite city Prague. It is also important to remember that you can always ask for help, you are not alone! Try your best and remember to be kind to yourself :) Then you will do just fine.

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