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Charles University, also known as the University of Prague, is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic. The school was founded in 1348 and is the first university in Central Europe. Today, the university consists of 17 faculties located in Prague, Hradec Králové and Pilsen.

In 1953, the Faculty of Medicine in Prague was divided into three separate faculties: the Faculty of General Medicine, the Faculty of Pediatrics and the Faculty of Hygiene. The latter was transformed into the current third medical faculty in 1990. The faculty has since functioned as an independent faculty.


The three medical faculties each belong to their own university hospital in Prague. The third faculty belongs to the hospital Vinohrady Nemocnice which means "vineyard hospital". This is because the area where the hospital is now located was previously in the old king's vineyard.

The hospital has almost all departments necessary, with some exceptions. In the later years of the medical education, students will visit other hospitals in Prague to complete some subjects.

Click here if you want to read about the faculty's history on the school's website

Everyday life at the third faculty is always varied. A day can include having lectures with your whole class, working in small groups or work in a ward at the hospital where you are followed by one of the doctors in the ward.
The third faculty has a particularly strong focus on early patient contact. The students will notice this straight away. The students will already in the first year be allowed to join wards to meet patients. Over the years, patient contact will increase more and more in everyday study.

During the first year of medical school, students are mostly in the preclinical building and a few hours in the hospital.

The faculty has previously organized an open day at the school during the spring to meet the new applicants in Prague. As a substitute for this, the school has offered to arrange an open day virtually over Zoom for our applicants.
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The school has also created a new and separate webpage so students can get to know the faculty. Click here to get to the page.

Take a tour of the preclinical building and the faculty here!
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The faculty is built right next to the Kralovské Vinohrady hospital. The hospital and the faculty are well anchored in the transport network in the city. The faculty is located east of the city center, a 20-minute subway ride from Wenceslas Square and the main street.

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