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Hear from Synne ... 

Synne Nordskog (22) from Drammen is now in her third year at Charles University, Third Faculty of Medicine. Read about Synne's experiences and what it is like to study medicine in Prague.

What is it like to study medicine at the 3rd faculty?

Studying medicine at lf3 is hard but doable! It is a good international environment where you want your fellow students to pass. This means that you are good at helping each other when things get tough. In addition, the 3rd faculty is quite close to the Vinohrady area that most people live in, and public transportation is very good!


What is it like to live in a European city like Prague?

Fantastic. It is a beautiful, safe and eventful city. Lots to do and see. During your free time the possibilities are endless. There is something for everyone. Prague was recently named the world's 7th best city to live in, and with good reason!


How is the student community in Prague?

There is a good Norwegian and international environment at LF3. The students are good at supporting and helping each other, and you always get tips and tricks from older students. The threshold for asking for help is very low, both regarding school related stuff and other things.


How is the teaching at the Third Faculty of Medicine?

The teachers are skilled and helpful, they answer questions during lectures and can be easily contacted via email. The teaching varies from subject to subject, the same applies to the teachers. You quickly find out what suits you best. You can choose how much to rely on the lectures, It is possible to study mostly on your own if you desire.


Why should one choose Prague over other cities in Eastern Europe to study medicine?

Prague is very centrally located in Europe. The university is recognized and Prague is a great city to live in. Something happens all the time and it never gets boring. The environment is a little different than other cities as there are fewer Norwegian students. Personally, I thought it was very nice, as you get to know the Norwegians well in addition to a large international environment.


How do you like to spend your free time?

In my free time I train and go on trips around the  the city. As the city has a huge selection of good restaurants, I also often eat out (and yes it is so cheap that you can treat yourself to it often). During springtime, the park with fellow students is a sure winner, and last but not least the beergarden! In addition, there are always lots of events available!  


Finally, what is your best tip for new students who want / are going to study medicine in Prague?

In the beginning, there is a lot going on socially, and it is wise to be involved in most things to get to know new people and Prague. And do not be afraid to ask older students for tips! They usually know best;)

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